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Someone has corrupted the Altar that channels magic and it's ruining the land. Take these five wizards and train them up until they can reach and fix it!


  • Rogue-Lite: Every run is different, but wizards level up between runs. Get through in as few attempts as possible!
  • Element System: Strategize which wizards to take on a run, as different ones will be effective each time
  • Feedback Loop: Lost a wizard? Gained a level? Your options for the next run are influenced by how you did before, so think ahead!
  • Turn-Based: No rush. Take in all information available to you to plan your tactics.
  • System Requirements: It runs fine on my PC with a GTX 1060, I wouldn't go much lower than that though.
  • NOTE: Even though I only have a Windows executable, the Game appears to be running flawlessly though Wine/Proton, including on the Steam Deck.


This is my Game Creation Graduation Project: 6 months from concept to release as a solo dev, doing Art, Game Design, Programming, UI etc. alone except for support from my wonderful teachers, classmates, and friends - thanks guys!



Pentamental_0.18.rar 371 MB
Pentamental_0.18.zip 392 MB


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Really nice rouge lite! My record so far is 16 in-game days to beat

Loved the character and monster designs! Sometimes it felt like the weaknesses made no sense even if the monsters were just a couple levels different from eachother, but I'd kill the enemy thats not weak to the element i'd use and it'd be level 3, but the one that is weak would be level 5, the same as me, and barely take half damage, that part felt weid, like the weakness made no difference, But I eventually made it through! I hope you enjoy the video! 

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Oh wow, that's so cool that you made a let's play! That's amazing! I see what you mean, at 10:15. No idea whats going on there, looks like a bug, definitely not behaving as intended, I'll have to investigage that. Thanks for uncovering it! :D

Sehr cooles Gameplay, ich würde mir noch mehr VFX und zahlen feedback wünschen, gerne auch Statuswerte oder zumindest HP, damit man mehr zu tun hat und planen kann, Lvl 10 wirkte wie eine doofe Sperre, das gibt der letzten Area dafür ordentlich schwierigkeit rein, was gut oder schlecht sein kann. Aber sehr schöner gameloop, hat spaß gemacht. [Tag 10 hat der Boss mit 1/10 HP überlebt :(   ,da habe ich das lieber gelassen] Sehr toll !

Danke! Valid feedback, points taken ;)

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Really fun and nicely looking game.

First try took me 14 days


Fun game but needs more Slickens! Recommend playing it.

Current record: 12 days 

Thanks! :D My own record is 11, though a friend of mine has claimed 9 ;)